Returns & Refunds Policy

Do you take returns or exchanges?

The simple answer here is, yes, as long as you are still within 30 days of your original purchase.  The more complex answer is, yes, but depending on the type of return and/or exchange, we may go about it in different ways.  A couple things are for certain though…1) you will need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before any exchange or return, 2) if you have used, damaged, or modified the product, it will not be possible to return or exchange it.  So, if you have an issue with the product, contact us right away.  Don’t wait or you might be out of luck…and don’t say we didn’t warn you!  

Request RMA here: RMA Request

Once you have received your RMA, it will be valid for 14 days.  If the products are returned outside of the return window and outside of the RMA time frame, refunds will be in the form of store credit.  

Why was my refund less than what I paid?

Well, there are 2 possible reasons for this.  1) You returned the item in a not “brand new” condition and a restocking fee (20%) was assessed.  2) You returned the item in brand new condition, but the original shipping cost was deducted.  Whether you took advantage of our free shipping option or paid a bit extra for faster shipping, it does cost for us to ship orders and if we did not deduct that from the refund, it would be like us paying you to return the item! 

I opened the packaging before I realized that it’s not what I needed.

You mean you can’t see through the packaging?!  We understand, we don’t have x-ray vision either, so if you open the packaging and decide that you want to exchange or return the item, more than likely, it’s OK.  Now, if you are returning the item for a refund, the normal 20% restocking fee will be deducted.      

I just past my 30-day window for returns but I was on vacation and just got back in town.  Please make an exception for me!

You were on vacation for a month?!  Wow…must be nice!  First things first; are you counting 30 days from the date of purchase or the date of receiving the order?  If you’re counting from the date of purchase, then you may still have time.  We consider the 30 days from the date on which you received the item in the mail.  If you don’t know that date, just contact us because we keep record of all shipping information. If you’re counting from the date of receipt, unfortunately, the 30-day return timeframe is a strict one and if we make an exception for you, we have to do the same for all.  

I painted the dash kit that I bought because it didn’t match my interior, but it still doesn’t match.  You said it would match, so I’d like to return it for a refund.

Oh man, we really wish you didn’t paint it because at this point, there is nothing that we can do for you.  You’re right, we do say that the dash kits will match factory dashboards, but sometimes the vehicle manufacturer makes a mistake or runs out of that dash color and you receive a vehicle with a dash that’s just a little bit different…bummer, we know. 

I changed my mind about my purchase, what can I do?

We hope you change your mind fast because if we haven’t shipped your order yet, just let us know and we can cancel it right away, with no penalty.  But, when we say fast, we mean it!  Since orders typically ship on the same day, we may need to create an RMA # for your return so that you can ship the item back to us. As long as the item is in the same condition: brand new and never used, then we will provide a refund to you upon receipt of the item. 

You guys sent me the wrong product!

Listen, we are pretty awesome here at what we do.  The bad thing is that our robots aren’t quite ready for the full work day yet, so we have humans doing the majority of the work and that means that mistakes are going to happen.  Lucky for you, we don’t make you pay for our mistakes!  Just send us a picture of the wrong item so that we can confirm what you received and we will send you a prepaid shipping label via e-mail.  Drop the package in the mail, and as soon as it’s received, we will ship the replacement item to you at no extra cost.  And don’t worry; we learn from our mistakes, so you’ll receive the right item this time!

Great, you take care of the mistake, but that means I have to wait to finish my installation and I really want to get it done today.

Well, since there’s no possible way to get the item to you today (unless you live near our warehouse), your installation will have to be put on hold for the moment.  But, if you don’t want to wait so long, we can most likely ship a replacement to you today if it’s before 3:00 p.m. EST.  All you have to do is place an order for the same item and we’ll ship it right away.  In the meantime, we will still send the prepaid shipping label to you so that you can send the incorrect item back to us and upon receipt we will provide a full refund for the replacement item that you just bought. 

I talked to Tech Support…my part is not working.  What now?

Are you within the 30-day window? No need to worry!  Fortunately, you were smart enough to get in touch with Tech Support so that they could troubleshoot with you and diagnose the problem.  You will need a RMA # for your return, so please contact Customer Service for that along with shipping instructions.

Are you outside the 30-day window but within 1-year?  Still no need to worry!  We have you covered under the 1-year warranty.  Please contact us at so that we can provide more information on that process.

I bought a fiber optic interface and it’s not working out for me, I just want to return it.

First, have you contacted Tech Support?  If not, we recommend doing so right away to see what’s going on with your part.  Our fiber optic wiring options are, as you know, expensive.  They are intricate and take time to make and refurbish.  So, if you are returning it without verification that it is defective, a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.   The good news is that if Tech Support finds that the product is defective, we will replace it at no extra cost to you. 

I chose a customized painted dash kit and I don’t like it.  Can I return it for a refund?

On this one, we’re gonna throw you a ‘no’.  All of our customized dash kits are final sale.  Why?  Well, that’s easy…they are customized for you, not for everyone.  In simple terms, we might not be able to sell that dash kit to anyone else and would have to take a loss on it.  Sorry!