Business Accounts

The following steps must be completed in order to become a business account holder:

1.   E-mail a copy of the state's Resale Tax Certificate to (this is not a business license) 

2.   Open an account with us here: Register

3.   Once the company is verified, you will receive a secondary e-mail that you will need to respond to

4.  Business account will be activated and you will receive a third e-mail letting you know


  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  If a product is returned for any reason including being defective (within 30-days of purchase) an account credit will be applied for future use; NO REFUNDS.  Defective products will be exchanged for a replacement within 30-days of purchase or repaired under warranty within 1-year of purchase. (Refer to activation email for more specific information)

  • Not seeing a discount on a part you have in your shopping cart?  Discounted pricing DOES NOT SHOW on "Installation Bundles". To receive the business account pricing, products must be ordered separately (itemized).  For assistance with part numbers, use the Business Account contact information provided in the activation e-mail.
  • Violations of our terms and conditions will result in cancellation of the Business Account at our sole discretion.